MEDDIC Courses and Workshop

Combo of our Flagship courses (Full MEDDIC), plus Practice Workshop ★★★★★

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This bundle is just built to save you some money. It includes the Full MEDDIC Course AND the live online workshop, at a lower "combo" price .

By default this program is an annual subscription but if you are not interested in the annual renewal, you can cancel renewal after your subscription at any time and still maintain access until the end of the paid period. (check FAQ#5 ).

COURSES (online, self paced):

It  is composed of 10 mini courses, totaling approximately 2 hours, representing not only the Original MEDDIC as it was practiced at PTC in the mid 90s, modernized and adapted in 2018 by Meddic Academy but also new modules such as "How to Develop Champions" and "ROI, Return on Investment" which are exclusive concepts/content and more recent developments by MEDDIC Academy.

To see the details of each part , click "View Course"  below.

WORKSHOP (live online):

In addition to the Full MEDDIC course, once completed, you will be able to join the next available live online workshop.

You no longer need to wait for a MEDDIC  in-person workshop in your city.  Number of participants is limited to ensure the best interaction.
During the workshop you will Practice questions to ask your prospects and actions to take to apply MEDDIC to your deals.

Workshops last 2 hours approx. They are usually scheduled once a month, at 8 am PST, which is 6 pm CET, usually on a Friday.

8:00 am PST: Live Q&A on the training
8:15 am PST: Workshop (2 hours).

Unlike the courses (that you can review as many times as you need during the subscription period), the workshop is limited to one participation for each user. 

MEDDIC Courses and Workshop includes these courses

MEDDIC Standard
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VILT - Virtual Live Workshop
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