Infinite Sales Leadership:

Building Winning Sales Teams

Empowering Leaders to Forge Exceptional Sales Teams

Welcome to "Infinite Sales Leadership: Building Sales Teams," a course meticulously designed for Leaders, Sales Leaders, CEOs, CROs, Heads of Sales, and Sales Directors. This course is a beacon for those who aspire not just to build but also sustain winning sales teams that consistently exceed expectations.

Why This Course?

Set apart from the usual leadership programs, "Infinite Sales Leadership" eschews motivational platitudes and generic advice in favor of practical, detailed, and proven strategies. These are not some theoretical concepts but battle-tested tactics and insights from real-life success stories curated to enrich your learning experience.

What Will You Learn?

This course is your roadmap to creating and nurturing a high-performance sales team. It's a comprehensive guide covering everything from recruitment to team optimization. Your learning journey will include:

  1. -  The Unstoppable Cycle of Team Building:  Understand the dynamics that make a team not just functional but truly unstoppable. Learn the art of fostering team synergy to create an unrivaled sales force.
  2. -  Hiring Excellence:  A deep dive into the art of hiring, focusing on distinguishing between A, B, and C players and the top 10 criteria for identifying 'A' players.
  3. -  Existing Team Assessment:  Skills to assess and enhance your current team's capabilities, reshaping them into a more robust sales force.
  4. -  Analyzing Resumes & Interview Strategies:  Techniques for insightful resume analysis and conducting interviews that reveal the true potential of candidates.
  5. -  The Final Interview: Insights into making the final interview a decisive tool in your hiring process.
  6. - Team Development and Retention: 
    1. Strategies for goal setting,
    2. Compensation plans and territories 
    3. Onboarding, 
    4. Training, 
    5. Coaching, 
    6. Performance reviews, 
    7. Promotions and demotions.
  7. -  Performance Improvement Plan (PIP):  Learn to constructively implement PIPs that focus on growth and development.
  8.  (bundle only) Full access to our flagship course MEDDPICC for Managers, including "Coaching sellers within the framework of MEDDPICC" and the hyper-popular "advanced MEDDPICC" course (check for the bundle, NOT THIS PAGE)


Course Format 

"Infinite Sales Leadership" is an online course featuring a mix of video lectures, engaging slides, practical assignments, and quizzes. This format offers flexibility and ensures an interactive and comprehensive learning experience.

Target Audience

This course is crafted for those at the helm of sales teams seeking to elevate their performance and results, from first-line managers to CROs and CEOs. Whether you are fine-tuning your existing team or building one from scratch, this course is your gateway to excellence in sales leadership.


Upon completing this course, you will possess a toolkit of actionable strategies for assembling, nurturing, leading, and advancing a top-tier sales team. You'll be adept at not only identifying and hiring talents but also nurturing and developing your existing team and creating a thriving sales environment for sustained success.

Media Accolades

Praising the new course, Business Mondays, wrote:

“The art of sales leadership is undergoing a revolution. Please welcome MEDDIC Academy’s latest innovation: the “Team Building for Sales Leaders” training, a notable course tailored for sales directors, VPs, and CROs navigating the intricate world of Business-to-Business solutions.

As technology and digital transformation continue to be the driving force behind business growth, the demand for adept sales leaders within the tech sector has never been more critical.”

The London Daily News magazine’s editor sat with Darius Lahoutifard, the Founder and President of MEDDIC Academy, to unravel the layers of his latest innovation – the “Team Building for Sales Leaders” course. Tailored for tech industry leaders spearheading enterprise B2B solutions, this program promises to reshape sales leadership for the better.  

The interview starts with:

Darius, thank you for joining us. To kick things off, can you share the inspiration behind launching the “Team Building for Sales Leaders” course? 

Darius: Absolutely. When I started MEDDIC Academy in 2017, enterprise sales were confined to closed doors, part of corporate training, and exclusively delivered in person. We changed that narrative by making high-end Enterprise sales training accessible to all, on-demand, individually, or collectively, in a blended learning mode. Now, with the ‘Team Building for Sales Leaders’ course, we are extending that accessibility to the sales leadership team.

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The landscape of sales is continuously evolving. To stay ahead, embracing advanced leadership strategies is crucial. "Infinite Sales Leadership" provides these strategies, equipping you to be a frontrunner in sales leadership.

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Founder of MEDDIC ACADEMY, ex-Oracle, ex-PTC, Serial Entrepreneur with 2 exits.

Darius Lahoutifard

Darius Lahoutifard, MEDDIC Academy’s founder, is a Serial Entrepreneur and a former Executive at PTC and Oracle among other software companies. His previous company, Business Hangouts, was a Google G Suite live broadcasting app, with millions of users, acquired within 3 years. He started his career as a robotics engineer. He moved to sales, where he had outstanding performances before being promoted to management. At the age of 28, he became the CEO of a subsidiary of Schlumberger, running a $10M business. Although he was quickly successful in climbing the corporate ladder, he was more interested in tech startups. Darius Lahoutifard joined PTC where he took his business unit from $4M to $27M in three years, up to 150 people, all within the most strategic region for the company: France, the fiefdom of the main competitor, Dassault Systemes. With his team at PTC, he outsold Dassault in their own home market. PTC is where MEDDIC was invented. As an early executive, he contributed to the definition and the execution of what became the world’s most renowned sales methodology: MEDDIC. After PTC he founded four startups (Enterprise Software and Internet companies) with two exits and led sales teams at established companies such as Agile/Oracle and Think3. His passion for SALES goes beyond MEDDIC. At his startups, he was always the first sales person, selling to customers, of course, but also to employees (to bring in the best talents) and to investors (to raise funds over five rounds, an aggregate of about $20M). Darius Lahoutifard received a Masters’ of Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris (where he was ranked 1st at the entrance exams) and a Certificate in Organizational Analysis from Stanford University. He is a patent holder and a published author. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Washington in Seattle and the National Defense University in Washington D.C. Darius is multicultural, multi-national, multi-lingual and familiar with 6 languages. He has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the US. He has been a resident of California since 2009. His motto : "Nothing Happens Until You sell something to someone." Welcome to MEDDIC ACADEMY!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 2 : Recruiting

    • Hiring A Players : The What & The Why

    • A Players' Characteristics

    • Exercise: Rank Your Team & Analyze your numbers

    • Performance

    • No Excuse

    • Good Judgment

    • Grit & Discipline

    • Competition & Admiration for Winners

    • Qualification & Closing Skills

    • The Interview

  • 3

    Chapter 3 : Empowering

    • Empowering A Players

    • Setting Goals & Objectives

    • Compensation Plan and Territory

    • Building BELIEF

    • Onboarding

    • Example Of A Sales Process

    • Sales Training & Coaching

    • 1 on 1 Reviews

    • Promoting & Demoting

    • Exercise: Analyze the potential of each territory/accounts list

  • 4

    Chapter 4 : Optimizing

    • Beware: The Negative Spiral

    • The Negative Spiral : Test

    • Sample PIP : Performance Improvement Plan

    • Sellers Are The Tribe's Hunters

  • 5

    Chapter 5 : Slides

    • Course Slides

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