Introduction to MEDDIC

---> Free for a limited time: An introduction to MEDDIC, one of the most renowned Sales Methodologies for high end Enterprise sales. We go through the definition of each element and how MEDDIC is used to increase sales, shorten sales cycle and more.

$497.00 / year

Full MEDDIC bundle

Our Flagship course, based on the original concept developed at PTC ★★★★★

$597.00 / year

MEDDIC Courses and Workshop

Combo of our Flagship courses (Full MEDDIC), plus Practice Workshop ★★★★★


Coaching Sellers With MEDDIC

Coaching Sellers within the MEDDIC framework is another MEDDIC Academy Exclusive Course, targeted to SALES MANAGERS, helping them in their DEAL INSPECTION sessions with their Account Executives or Sales Reps, whether 1:1 or during team review session


How To Build Champions

This course, not part of the original MEDDIC, is an additional course which focuses exclusively on building champions. It is included in the MEDDIC bundle, but those who know MEDDIC are not obliged to buy the whole bundle to enroll to this one.


Return On Investment: The ROI Pitch

Non-financial reps learn how to leverage the value of a product/service to shorten the sales cycle, justify the price, avoid discounts and create a sense of urgency and a compelling event --> "When you don't buy my product, you lose money each day".