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Social Selling: How To Use LinkedIn In B2B Sales

Social Selling is fun and entertaining. How cool to spend time on LinkedIn interacting socially with prospects and clients while signing multi-million dollar deals? Han? Well it doesn't work exactly like that. Read more...


Objection Handling

Learn how to handle any objection when selling a product or service. This course is not just for enterprise or high tech sales. It can be used in any type of sales. In a 7 steps process, transform objections into sales.


How To Build Champions

In the MEDDIC bundle you learn who the champion is and why it is so important to know him/her and work with them. This course, not part of the original MEDDIC, is an additional course which focuses exclusively on building champions.

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Return On Investment: The ROI Pitch

Being able to leverage the financial value of your product or service is absolutely essential for shortening your sales cycle, Justifying your price, Avoiding discounts and creating a sense of urgency for the client to place the order.


Introduction to MEDDIC