Retour Sur Investissement - ROI

Comment transformer les Metrics en ROI et le presenter a l'Economic Buyer

Convaincre le client grace a un argumentaire financier de retour sur investissement est une des compétences clés que tout commercial B2B devrait posséder, que ce soit pour vendre un equipment, une installation, du logiciel, du materiel ou du service. 

Cette formation, exclusivement développée par MEDDIC Academy, ne fait pas partie de la formation originale MEDDIC, pourtant c'est un "must" a maîtriser par tout commercial, pour pouvoir transformer les METRICS en un argumentaire financier solid et irréfutable qui conduit rationnellement vers le bon de commande.

Un bon discours de ROI permet de :

  • Justifier votre prix
  • Eviter des remises
  • Raccourcir le cycle de vente
  • Créer l'urgence 
  • Créer une date limite d'échéance pour le bon de commande

Vous apprendrez comment prouver au client que: "Tant que vous ne passez pas commande, chaque jour qui passe, vous perdez $X".

IMPORTANT: Veuillez noter que bien que ces formations soient en français et que dans les videos, le formateur s'exprime en français, les slides sont conservées en anglais pour préserver l’authenticité de la méthodologie d'origine et conserver le bénéfice du langage commun.

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Darius Lahoutifard
Darius Lahoutifard
Founder of MEDDIC ACADEMY, ex-Oracle, ex-PTC, Serial Entrepreneur with 2 exits.

About the instructor

  • Founder of MEDDIC ACADEMY, 
  • Former Executive at Agile/Oracle, PTC, Schlumberger.
  • Serial Entrepreneur in SaaS and Enterprise Software with 2 exits.

I started my career in France as a robotics engineer, a sales engineer. I quickly moved to sales with almost 200% quota achievement each year.
I got promoted to management and later, at age of 28 I became the
CEO of a subsidiary of Schlumberger running a $10M million business.
So I was successful very fast. But I was more interested and intrigued by startups.
I joined PTC where I took my business unit from $4M to $27M in 3 years, and up to 150 people, in the most strategic region for the company;
France, the fiefdom of the main competitor, Dassault Systemes.
With my team at PTC, we proudly outsold Dassault in their own home market.
PTC is obviously where MEDDIC was invented. After PTC I founded 4 startups with 2 exits and led sales teams at established companies such as Agile/Orcale and Think3. I trained my teams on MEDDIC in all those roles.
But my passion for SALES goes far beyond MEDDIC: For my startups, I was the first sales rep in my own company selling to everyone: selling to customers of course
but also selling to employees because I wanted to bring in the best talents, and selling to investors because I needed to raise funds (and I raised 5 rounds, an aggregate of almost $20M). Thats' why you are seeing here other sales courses
that I have built based on my 30 years of experience.
Remember: "Nothing Happens Until You sell something to someone."

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1 Presentation

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